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by P.E.Easo
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The Alackal family is one of the branches of the Plathanam family in Ranny, Kerala. The Alackal house ( Puthenveettil) name belongs to our Grand father, late Mr Plathanam Easow, who had shifted from Plathanam house in Vaikkam Ranny, along with his wife, late Mariamma and children, to a new house in Karumpinakuzhi, Ranny, in the year 1907AD .

The Alackal family can be proud of a long history of over four centuries in central Kerala alone, spread over Niranam to Nilackal, along the path of St. Thomas on his mission to Nilackal. The fore-fathers belong to Polackal / Ooramvelil family in Niranam. Though the root family is located now in Edathua / Mepral, we in Ranny, refer to those places as Niranam only.

Their history in Niranam could be traced to Kuravilangadu around 1650AD. Possibly the forefathers shifted from Kuravilangadu after the split of the Syrian Christains into Puthencoor and Pazhayakoor, consequent upon the Oath of Koonan-Cross in Mattancherry in 1653AD. This had caused a split among the members of the Kuravilangadu Church also. The Pazhayakoor Syrian Christains, with the support of the Portuguese rulers retained the church and the Puthencoor, mostly members of the same family or relatives, had to leave the church after a physical fight that followed the split, for the ownership of the Church properties. Most of them shifted to Central Kerala under the Rule of Venadu Kings. As on date, the number of families from Polackal alone would be more than 1000 families in Niranam, Chengannor, Mavelikara, Ranny and surrounding areas. The family history published by the Kudumbayogam Chairman, Rev.Fr. Chandy, M.A, B.D, GST, BEd. Menayathil, Ranny, may be referred to for details.

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The St. Thomas Christians of Kerala

The History of the St. Thomas Christians of Kerala, India

Written in 1998, when I did not find a book that reflected the Syrian Christian History in Kerala accurately. I embarked on a book writing project. The culmination of which was a 190 page book that was published primarily for circulation within the malankara church, but eventually I decided to publish it on the web for everyone to enjoy. You can find the complete text of the history of the St. Thomas Christians .

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